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About The Trainer

 Warrie Proffitt is a retired police K9 officer. He has worked 3 dogs over his 30-year career in law enforcement and helped with the training of numerous other K9 police dogs.  He has many awards for his work with K9 police dogs, including Valor  and numerous life-saving awards. He also use to demonstrate to children's groups what a police K9 dog does and introduce kids to dogs and how wonderful and loving they can be, even if they are a police dog. Warrie raised two kids to love and respect all animals. His love of dogs started in childhood when he would go hunting with his father; being out in nature watching and teaching his dogs to socialize with other dogs, run trails. Playing and having a good time with his dogs. These experiences shaped his love and made him realize early on that working with dogs is the career path Warrie wanted to take. Law enforcement not only gave him the opportunity to work with dogs but to also serve and protect his community. Warrie loves to work with all breeds and all ages of dogs. His specialties are obedience, behavior modification and socializing dogs to become good citizens. Warrie will also work with your children as well to teach them all the skills they need to have a life long best-friend. 

He currently resides in Fauquier, VA with his wife and dogs.

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